South River

The owners of this waterfront residence wanted a home that opened to sweeping views of the South River, creating a mural of the water, visible from all rooms. As audiophiles, their second request was to create a living area acoustically attuned to playing and listening to classical music. To accommodate these desires, the home was shaped as an amphitheater with a sloped shed roof gesturing upward towards the sky, and a flared floor plan that widens from the living room to the dining room and again at the kitchen. Two-story columns break-free from the window wall to allow non-structural corners and butt-glazed windows for more openness. Inspired by the forms of sound and shoreline waves, the overhang on the south side, cantilevered for added sun-shading, was carved into a piano form. In the entry, a free-standing serpentine glass block wall, stabilized by the inherent shape of a wave, veils the view of the kitchen, while letting in daylight and the reflection of the water beyond. The smooth skin of the exterior was realized without natural wood by using composite Boral vertical siding. The home was featured in the July 2015 issue of Annapolis Home, on the 2017 Maryland Home and Garden Pilgrimage and on the 2017 CBC American Institute of Architects Home Tour. It was also voted Best Contemporary Residence of 2018 by a peer review jury assembled by Annapolis Home Magazine.