Kagan Law Office

The Kagan Law Group purchased and renovated this c.1940 brick building located in downtown Annapolis to practice law near the County Courthouse, in a period piece of Modern history. Because the building is located immediately outside the Historic District, the owners were not required, but rather chose to restore the building, originally a Telephone Message Center, and honor the decade of its origin. We added a new facade and cornice, highlighted with continuous LED lighting, which mimics neon lighting popular in that era. For the interior, we kept the ceilings as high as possible by recognizing the structural bays when laying out the rooms which allowed us to retain the series of plaster vaults on the first floor, expose the rhythmic brick structural piers throughout, and expose the existing steel beams on the second floor. We altered and compartmentalized the original retail storefront into a more private reception area and separate conference room. The reception desk incorporates a sweeping curve, admired by the early Modernists, and displays a remnant of the steel wide-flange beam over the stairway which had to be cut to obtain the required head height per code. The wood floors were preserved and restored, retaining the brass floor fittings originally placed in a grid pattern on the first floor to accommodate wiring for the original owners. Although this building is immediately adjacent to the Annapolis Historic District and not Colonial,, this building is proud of its own Modern history. This project was featured in the 2017 summer issue of Annapolis Home magazine, 2017 Associated Builders and Contractors Assoc best Renovation, and the recipient of the 2017 Historic Annapolis Foundation’s Preservation Award for Adaptive Reuse.